Accounts Receivable

Get Faster Access to Your Revenue

Momentum Commercial Capital understands that small businesses need working capital, too. That’s why we have a robust accounts receivable financing program. If your customers and clients typically pay their invoices some months out, this type of financing might be just what you need.

What Is Financing Receivables?

Those invoices in your accounts receivables pile are worth a lot of money. Instead of waiting for the customers to pay you, we can purchase them from you at a discount and give you the money now. When your customers do pay down the road, they pay us. You get the money you need to grow without taking on more debt or sacrificing assets. Accounts receivable financing from Momentum Commercial Capital includes:

  • Invoices turned to cash within 24 hours
  • No upper limits
  • Free credit insurance on qualifying accounts
  • No debt or impact to credit ratings

How Can My Business Use Financing Receivables?

Once you have the money in the bank, you can spend it on any company expense. Think about the following possibilities:

  • Take advantage of holidays and seasonal sales with special launches.
  • Boost your R&D department to develop innovative products and services.
  • Start a daring new advertising campaign.

With money from accounts receivables, the sky is the limit.

How Can Momentum Commercial Capital Help?

We are experts in this type of financing and we take pride in helping companies just like yours. Give us a call or email us today and get ready to grow.