Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

Secure Alternative Financing with a Stated Income Loan

Entrepreneurs need access to flexible financing to grow and remain competitive in the marketplace. For companies that struggle with securing traditional loans due to poor or limited credit histories, a stated income commercial real estate loan is often a smart alternative. Momentum Commercial Capital offers stated income loans with generous and competitive terms.

How Does a Stated Income Loan Work?

While most types of loans evaluate a borrower’s credit history to determine eligibility, stated income loans focus on property value instead. Your business instantly qualifies for a stated income loan if it owns property that meets certain criteria. The piece of real estate must have a value that exceeds the combined cost of its expenses, but if this stipulation is met, you receive the financing you need in as little as seven days. You may qualify for this type of financing regardless of your credit history, although borrowers must have a credit score of 600 to qualify for generous terms.

How Does a Stated Income Loan Benefit Your Business?

Because stated income loans look at property value rather than credit history, they are easier for new companies to qualify for. There is minimal paperwork involved in the application process, and you may use the funds from a stated income loan in any way that will benefit the business. This financial solution also offers:

  • Competitive loan-to-value rates of up to 75% depending upon whether the real estate is for commercial or residential use
  • Large loan amounts that are typically approved within a week
  • Low-interest rates
  • Full amortization on all loans
  • Repayment periods of up to 25 years
  • Complete freedom as to how you spend the money

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A stated income commercial real estate loan is a smart alternative when you need commercial financing but don’t qualify for a traditional loan. See if you qualify for this avenue of financing by contacting Momentum Commercial Capital today.